We are a Christian group that welcomes people from all nations, backgrounds and faiths. We sing, share stories about God's goodness, and learn about the Holy Bible. Afterwards, we have refreshments and spend time together. All immigrants,  students, multicultural families, and Finns having an international heart. Questions? Call Heikki 040 049 9070, or Benjamin 045 697 1644.

LIFE program

No upcoming events

Children are most welcomed! We try to plan activities for children during worship meetings. 

Doors are open!

We welcome all ages, cultures and faiths.

Sing, laugh and praise!

Make a joyful noise with us. We sing, dance and generally rock!

Shoulder to shoulder

Believe in each other, take care of each other, stay close to each other, pray over each other. That's the credo of the Fellowship of International Churches. That's what we try to do for each other.


When I moved to Lahti I didn't know anyone. A Finn told me there was a church here where there was an international English program. A few minutes after I walked into the church, someone came to greet me and spoke in English. Then a man came and introduced himself. They invited me to this fellowship. That was in 2005. Those two are close friends, and through LIFE I have a whole new family! Thank you, LIFE!

Fran Sat, 07 Feb 2015

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