Life in Lahti

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Save Money!
Buy good used stuff

Find a list of 2nd-Hand Stores and a map with bus information here.

Lahti by Air by Team Pro Ilmakuvaus

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Living in Finland

Now that you've landed in Finland there's a lot you need to learn. A new, free handbook gives you all the information you need. You can read it online. You can also save it to a stick or your computer.

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Alipi Leads You Through!

Confused about immigration matters? Alipi leads you through! Info and Contacts.

Friends, language and work

Lahti newcomers need to find a local family, learn Finnish and start working.

Lahti LIFE Christian fellowship groups include English, Russian, Swahili-French and Spanish languages.

Lahti City sponsors a multicultural organization called Multi-Kulti. In Finnish it's Lahden nuorisi palvelut

Schools and various organizations offer Finnish language classes. Alipi posts a partial list of courses. Use Chrome browser. Use its Google Translate tool to move the whole Finnish-language page into your language. 

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