Alipi Integration Point

Alipi Integration Point
Vapaudenkatu 23 B, Lahti
Siiri Customer Service Center
Finnish, Swedish, English
Immigration Specialist
+358 50 539 1639

Finnish, Russian
Adviser +358 50 539 1604

Finnish, English, Russian
Counselor +358 50 539 1649

Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish
Counselor +358 50 539 1650

Vapaudenkatu 23 B, Lahti

Alipi Leads You Through!

Confused about immigration matters? Alipi leads you through!

Alipi leads newcomers through the immigration process, regardless of their reason for moving to Finland or length of residence.

Counselors can guide you through registration and permits, legal rights and obligations, everyday life, day care, education, social security, everyday dilemmas, and more.

Counselors speak your language: Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. If another language is needed, an interpreter can be arranged. Alipi services are free of charge.

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