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Flea Market

If you need to buy clothes and things but don't have a lot of money, look in a flea market (Finnish: kirpputori). That's where people sell things they don't want. Things are still good, but they're not new. Prices are always lower, and it's fun to look at everything.

LahtiLIFE has a flea market, too. People in the church give their things to LahtiLIFE, and LahtiLIFE gives them to you for free!

If you need something, tell a LahtiLIFE team leader before or after the Sunday meetings. They'll help you.

Lahti by Air by Team Pro Ilmakuvaus

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Living in Finland

Now that you've landed in Finland there's a lot you need to learn. A new, free handbook gives you all the information you need. You can read it online. You can also save it to a stick or your computer.

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Finnish law protects you

Finland law protects foreigners. If you are an international student, newly arriving immigrant, or a refugee, you are protected by the police. Their job is to protect you.

Here are some of the laws:

1. No one can hurt you physically. No one can touch you, hit you, or in any other way touch you without your permission.

2. You are free to move around. No one can keep you locked in any space. 

3.You are protected by international laws. Even if you are in Finland for a short time, you are protected by international laws.

4. No one can treat you differently because your country, language, religion, opinion, health, or sexual orientation is different. They cannot use anything personal against you. International laws protect you.

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