Путеводитель по Библии

In the Holy Bible we find many stories about people who left their homes to start new lives. Many  never returned home. Their stories describe God's friendship and guidance. God stayed with them, and He stays with you.

Maybe you were forced to leave; maybe it was your choice. Maybe you wanted to join a loved one;maybe you left to find work. Regardless of your reasons for leaving, know that our Father walks with you. He loves all people who show the courage to step into a new future.

In the book God gave us -- the Holy Bible -- we can read many stories about travelers, people who shared many of the same battles, hopes, dreams and victories that we face every day.

A friend recently gave me "On The Road: A Journey Through the Bible For Migrants". I've just started reading it, but am already convinced that everyone in our group (Lahti LIFE) needs to have a copy. It provides Bible verses about people just like you and me, people who left their homes to find their dreams. 

Its seven chapters cover different stages of your journey and settlement in a new country. Each chapter contains several passages to read and think about. Then, readers are given questions and suggestions. By following each of the steps, the reader discovers stories and prayers that might be similar to his or her journey. It's a small booklet published by the French Bible Society, distributed in Finland by Avain Media. Superb!

Download "On the Road: A Journey Through the Bible For Migrants" here. May you be blessed by the reading!

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